Cheers to Success at Nordic International Cider Awards 2023!

Cheers to Success at Nordic International Cider Awards 2023!

A golden sun sets over the sprawling orchards of Herbst's Cidery, casting a warm glow on the rustic barrels and weathered hands that have toiled to create liquid gold. This is the tale of our recent accolades, a narrative that unfolded in the heart of Riga during the Nordic International Cider Awards 2023.

Imagine the surprise, the delight, that danced in my eyes as I clutched not one, but two medals of honor for our beloved ciders. Dullais Dauka, a symphony of flavors crafted with meticulous care, earned the prestigious gold medal. The modest Plūsis, with its subtle nuances, secured a well-deserved silver. The Nordic and Baltic Cider Awards (NICA) became the stage where our craft, born of passion and reverence for the apple, was applauded on an international scale.

This ode to our success unfolded in September, a month where the air carries whispers of change and the sweet promise of harvest. The competition, a gathering of 251 ciders from around the globe, unfolded in Riga, a city pulsating with history and the sweet aroma of apples fermenting into excellence.

As the owner and cider maker of Herbst's Cidery, meeting fellow artisans from far and wide was a revelation. Nordic International Cider Awards provided the backdrop for this meeting of minds, where judges with discerning palates sampled and scrutinized our creations. The camaraderie among cider makers, the shared passion for the craft, transformed this competition into a celebration of the artistry behind every bottle.

The Nordic and Baltic Cider Awards, an endeavor to unite cider producers and elevate the essence of our craft, unfolded within the grandeur of Latvia in 2023. The baton passed from Norway, and we eagerly took the reins. The competition's homecoming was not just a testament to our triumphs but an acknowledgment of Latvia's burgeoning cider community.

The competition, an annual event, found its place within the vibrant tapestry of the Baltics' largest food exhibition, "Riga Food." A convergence of flavors, cultures, and craftsmanship, it promised to be a splendid affair. It was an honor to be a part of this cultural exchange, a moment where the clinking of cider glasses echoed the unity of passionate individuals bound by the love for the craft.

As the sun dipped below the horizon on that September evening, it cast a glow on the medals adorning our ciders. Herbst's Cidery had etched its name onto the international cider scene, a tale told in gold and silver, in the crisp air of Riga.



Owner, Herbst's Cidery

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